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Weaving A Livelihood
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Weaving A Livelihood

in collaboration with Radhika Sharma


From a town known for its small community of handloom silk weavers, emerge stories of the weathered handloom, family legacies of craftsmanship, decadent silk saris and poor conditions; stories of capitalistic enterprise and the well-oiled powerloom. This piece guides you through with bits from the production process, distribution and the consumer end of the spectrum, traces of Gandhian philosophy, some Marx and the everyday efforts of the weavers to make ends meet.  


Interviews with Mr. Venkatapathy, Mr. Srinivasa, Mr. Purushottam, Ramesh Vasalli  Natesh TN and Shobana Matthews have enriched the documentary.


Voiceovers in English by Atish Padhy, Aleser Murtaza, Rishi Venkateswaran and  Gp Capt (Retd.) M S Sridhar

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