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A B O U T   U S

The aurality of Dhindora as a word and it's meaning, it's firm presence in the locale, it's call to attention, it's manifestation as an interplay of sophistry and ruggedness are the ways in which we'd like to look at ourselves--to emerge like a wave, and leave behind a scent, a memory-- a thought.


Brought to you by four girls- Ananya, Chavi, Janani and Vaishnavi, we look at everything ordinary but unseemingly beautiful from a dosa joint at the corner of the street to the myraid shades of the colour blue. 


The content, in all its honesty and simplicity, is not very ambitious. However, if you nod your head a little or smile to yourself while your earphones murmur our podcast into your ears, or if your mind wanders to a place, a person or a memory at the sight of a particularly pleasing picture, it’d be a real accolade for us. 

Join us on our journey. Indulge. Enjoy!







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