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Dil Mango More

- from the Audio Library

Summer and mangoes are an age old cliche that we will never get tired of. Whether they are raw and green, ready to be pickled or sweet yellow, waiting to be devoured by our bare hands, every mango has a story behind it.


1. A Tangy Case of Tomfoolery by Atish Padhy - 00:41 mins

2. A Jar of Achar's Achaar by Meghna Achar - 04:58 mins

3. 'Aam'chi Ajji by Meghna Yesudas - o6:33 mins

4. Ammachi's Pickles and Preserves by Meghna Nair - 10:26 mins

5. Monkey Business by Rahul Balaji - 12:03 mins

6. What can a Mango buy? by Khaja Hussain - 13:54 mins

7. May Maadham by Abhirami Rao - 15:30 mins

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