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Veena Works

Listen to the podcast on this humble shop tucked away in Basavangudi

Photo from Janani Venkat.jpg

Veena works, tucked away in the streets of Basavangudi.


A hundred-year-old veena with ivory ornamentation at the store for repair.

2019-03-09 07.49.51 1.jpg

A Thanjavur Veena with a dragon head carved at the end.

2020-01-17 07.29.05 1.jpg

Mr.Raju, in his workshop.

2020-01-17 07.32.03 1.jpg

A veena in the making.

2019-06-18 08.55.50 1.jpg

Other string instruments like guitars and violins are tuned and fixed here as well.

2020-01-18 04.36.56 1.jpg

A Newspaper clipping on Veena Works pinned at the shop.

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