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Swimming Pool
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Swimming Pool

- from the Audio Library

Our second audio library flips pages of experiences that revolve around an urban creation: the swimming pool. Although, the act of swimming itself is not restricted to the urbanscape, for many of us, it is a rite of passage as we grow up. And the swimming pool, which is sometimes a rectangular tank or sometimes a pond, becomes the site for this act thus holding an ocean of stories we carry into adulthood.


1. The Curious case of the Purple Face by Sherlyn Devadason - 02:03 mins

2. Pack YourTrunks by Herman - 05:41 mins

3. Coming up for Air by Sanyukta Singh - 11:40 mins

4. Oh Well! by Khaja Hussain - 14:32 mins

5. The Pool is now Open by Parth Sharma - 16:23 mins

6. Horu Maas by Jahnavy Gaggar - 19:01 mins

7. Hazard Warning by Divyanshi Pandey - 22:15 mins

8. Always Summer by Aarthi Venkatesh - 24:15 mins

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