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Focus Group
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Focus Group

Trigger warning: Sexual Abuse, Personal Space.


Picture this. You are taking a walk. At night. (Or in the morning. At dawn? Maybe dusk. Whenever you like.) 


On a deserted street. 


And you are a woman. You also feel remotely safe. 


Utopia aside. Even in relative terms, safety for women across different geographies, demographics, class, age, caste.. is never a guarantee. It is an anxiety that women carry around. 


What is it like, for women to navigate through public spaces? And how does context matter? 


In our podcast "Focus Group", we ask five Indian women (coming from reasonable privilege) who have lived both in the country and outside, what their experience and perception of personal safety abroad has been, relative to their experience in India.


We're grateful to Aditi Sebastian, Ananya Nair, M S Ananya, Sherlyn Devadason and Vaishnavi Singh, for being extremely candid and involved in their (voice) notes.

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