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Talk To Each Other

Talk to each other of the past, present and future.

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Talk to each other of the past.

There is so much catching up to do. Not just with the shelved books or Watchlisted movies or abandoned works of art. After endless hours of scrolling and in-house strolling, there is a boredom that seeps in, weakening us with every passing spare moment. What better time could we have gotten to catch up on old friends, favourite Geography teacher and father’s anecdotes from ‘his days’. We have all the time on our hands to revisit the old days, recognise our shadows and see how far we have come, both as individuals and as a planet. 

Talk to each other of the present.

It also becomes important to acknowledge the moment we are living in because the future is uncertain and past is a matter of well… past. If internet has infamously drifted us apart, it can also bring us all together in the days of isolation. Times like these when we are annoyed by our own person, we turn to human interaction and the much sought after ‘Me Time’ would rather be replaced by a chatty aunt. As the aunty spins her expert panelist-like views on the pandemic, you engage with all your familial love. The same you laugh about it with your mother while she cooks and you sit in the kitchen with your fresh comedy sketch. 


Talk to each other of the future.

We were too busy during the pre-pandemic times hustling towards a world which we thought would turn out as we so smugly imagined it to be. The fiscal year will start from 1st April, the cousin will get engaged in June, I will graduate in a month, that movie I’ve been waiting for will release and that weekend I will definitely be watching it in the PVR. The same over confidence with which we set an alarm for the morning, we planned out our lives. The upcoming month or year or a couple of years at the very least. As assumptions died and tables turned, we ended up being in our homes to save humanity. Now it’s like the Sunday of early 2000s for weeks every day, the only difference being the presence of internet. 


Talk to each other as now you have all the time to. Fill up the gaps between meals and communicate. Dream of a healthier self-customised future like you used to on the lazy Sunday mornings of early 2000s. Stay at home, speak of the better times that lie ahead and most importantly, listen. 

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