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Summer's Kiss

by Padmanabhan

2020-04-02 09.04.16 1.jpg

As the dusk dawned,

The sunny blue summer sky 

Breathed a second life,

Painting the clouds and the heavens alike,

In hues of teal, pink, and shades of sapphire.

A Symphony of colours composed a soothing sight.


As the dusk dawned,

The setting light shone with Midas’ soul 

Turning everything it touched to palette of gold. 

The lakes shimmered, the ponds glittered and, oh, 

The lilies they bore,

Swayed to the tunes of Golden Sparrows.


The cranes took flight to the land unkown,

Traveling east towards new horizons,

Where the waves yearned for the moon to kiss

And settled for the shore,

Blinded, by love, of their shared origins.


As the dusk dawned,

And as lights paint our world, 

We let our shadows dance on our terrace,

Humming to the tales of westbound winds,

Decorating the evening skies

With rectangled papers and maanja strings.

We treasured these moments in the hands of time,

And there they remain,

Precious and undisturbed till eternity passes away.

Padmanabhan is a tidsoptimist living under a rock. He responds to the names Deadpool and Kakamuttai.

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