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Grandfather's Vacation

by Soham Joshi and Dinanath Joshi




Earlier in 2021, I'd often setup a makeshift studio in the living room to work on my portraiture projects. My grandfather started taking interest in my work and was inquisitive about the digital photography process. He'd reminisce the days when bulky cameras and film sheets were handled by professionals. Since it required a lot of skill to make a picture print during and after a shoot, people seldom got to be behind the lens of the camera.

He wanted to try out photography because it is easy to experiment and learn in the digital era; we're not wasting chemicals and errors made while shooting can be rectified easily.

To help his curiosity, we decided to shoot a series of images where I'd take a sample photo of him and he'd use that as reference to frame, click and process pictures of me.

The following images are an account of this drill.




Soham is an experimental photographer from Pune, India. He draws inspiration from his experiences and tries to transform them into visuals. As an artist, he wants to discover new stories and put them out there for others to make it theirs.

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