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Sensory Sous Chefs

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Cooking is all about the optimum.

Cooking entails optimum preparation that involves a stock check of the kitchen in the fridge, the cabinets, the Tupperwares or stainless steels yet sometimes a midnight snack calls for an unprepared miracle or maybe, just maggi.

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2020-05-14 09.43.08 1.jpg

It calls for optimum kneading, stirring, chopping,dicing, sautéing, rolling, frying, churning, grounding lest the textures fade or mush becomes mushy-er or sometimes when the texture slips, one is left with a variant of the same dish.

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2020-04-15 02.32.48 1.jpg

Optimum usage of spices, optimum use of available time,  multitasking and optimum taste yet sometimes, an excess of oil in puris or ghee in rotis or ginger-garlic filled air in your nostrils.

2019-12-02 01.58.08 2.jpg

It's calls for optimum time keeping, 5 minutes in the oven or 3 cooker whistles over. No less no more, and especially no scrolling on the phone but with music as a companion, or chatting with Didi who does the dishes, the time keeping becomes easier and cooking less tedious.

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2020-04-13 11.11.57 1.jpg

Asking us optimum of our senses, everytime, cooking can be a demanding affair yet always leave room to improvise. To this cooking owes its ever increasing repertoire and unfailing love, and also well, hunger and survival.

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